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The Rare Disease Search Engine is specialized search engine using Google's co-op program combined with a narrowed field of search to eliminate useless results that would normally complicate one's search for needed information.

To Search: simply begin typing in the name of the condition you wish to find. Results matching the partial name will be returned. The results will search through the name, abbreviation and alternate names of all conditions we have in our database. The results that are returned will be links to search results of a narrowed, filtered web search of only those sites that offer reliable, focused information on rare diseases. Hovering over the condition name will display a ist of alternate names on file.

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BabesiosisBacterial MeningitisBalantidiasisBaller Gerold SyndromeBalo DiseaseBannayan Riley Ruvalcaba SyndromeBanti's SyndromeBardet Biedl SyndromeBarrett EsophagusBarth SyndromeBartonellosisBartter's SyndromeBatten DiseaseBeals SyndromeBeckerBecker Muscular DystrophyBeckwith Wiedemann SyndromeBehcet's SyndromeBejelBell's PalsyBenign Congenital HypotoniaBenign Essential BlepharospasmBenign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoBernard Soulier SyndromeBerylliosisBest DiseaseBethlem MyopathyBilateral Renal AgenesisBinder SyndromeBinswanger's DiseaseBipolar Manic DepressionBjornstad SyndromeBlackfan Diamond AnemiaBladder Exstrophy-Epispadias-Cloacal Exstrophy ComplexBlastomycosisBloom SyndromeBlue ConeBlue Diaper SyndromeBlue Rubber Bleb Nevus SyndromeBorjeson-Forssman-Lehman SyndromeBotulismBowen Hutterite SyndromeBowen's DiseaseBowenoid PapulosisBrachial Plexus PalsyBranchio Oculo Facial SyndromeBranchio Oto Renal SyndromeBronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing PneumoniaBronchopulmonary DysplasiaBrown Sequard SyndromeBrown SyndromeBrucellosisBrugada SyndromeBubonic PlagueBudd Chiari SyndromeBuerger's DiseaseBulimiaBullous PemphigoidBurning Mouth Syndrome